New Parish Centre

Building Programme Update: Navigating Delays and Progress for a Successful Completion 

Project Status: Delays and Current Completion Date 

We have encountered unforeseen challenges due to ground conditions, causing a delay in our project timeline. Initially, we aimed for an earlier completion, but the revised expected completion date is now set for April 25, 2025. While this delay is unfortunate, it has allowed us to reassess and adapt our plans to ensure the highest quality of work. 

Programme of Work for June 

Despite the setbacks, significant progress has been made in recent weeks. Here’s an overview of our scheduled activities and accomplishments for June: 

  1. Underground Steelworks Completed 
  • All necessary underground steelworks have been successfully installed. This forms the foundation for the structural integrity of the building. 
  1. Pouring of Concrete 
  • Following the completion of the steelworks, we have poured the concrete, further solidifying the groundwork. 
  1. Oversite Preparation 
  • The oversite has been stripped out, and all hardcore materials have been removed. This area is now prepped for the next phase of construction. 
  1. Steel Frame Preparation (17th June) 
  • By the 17th of June, we will have everything in place to begin erecting the steel frame. This preparation is crucial for the structural framework of the building. 
  1. Steel Frame Erection 
  • We anticipate that the erection of the steel frame will take approximately two weeks. This is a significant milestone in the construction process, marking the transition from groundwork to vertical construction. 

Looking Ahead 

While the project has faced some delays, we remain committed to delivering a high-quality building by the revised completion date of April 25, 2025. We appreciate the patience and understanding of all stakeholders as we navigate these challenges. Our focus remains on maintaining safety, compliance, and excellence in all aspects of the construction process. 

Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to make progress and reach new milestones in the coming months. Your support and engagement are greatly valued as we work towards the successful completion of this project. 

We would like to thank the Women’s Institute, Red Tile Wind Farm Trust, Warboys Community Association, along with bequests from two longstanding Warboys community members for their generous grants towards this vital community building. Without their supports and efforts this project may never have been able to begin. 

Photo credit to Cllr D England

All the Plans for the New Parish Centre can be found below;

1342-WD04B-FF-Plan-040523 1342-WD03B-GF-Plan-040523 1342-WD01B-Site-Plan-040523