Dr S C WithamsLavender House,
30 Pathfinder Way, Warboys, PE28 2RD
01487 824854
Mr D W England32 Station Road, Warboys, PE28 2TD01487 822779
Mr G C M Willis7 Madecroft, Warboys, PE28 2SF01487 822721
Mr J ParkerThe Brambles, 8A Pasture Close, Warboys, PE28 2RB01487 824321
Mr P S Potts2 Millers Way, PE28 2UD01487 825771
Mr R A Payne87 High Street, High Street, PE28 2TB01487 825277
Mr R J Dykstra2 Ramsey Road, Warboys, PE28 2RW01487 822089
Mrs A R WyattWyanrose, 11 High Street, Warboys, PE28 2RH01487 823041
Mrs J M Cole47 High Street, Warboys, PE28 2TA01487 822395
Mrs M H Harlock41 Ramsey Road, Warboys, PE28 2RW01487 823062
Mrs S J WilcoxRed Tile Farm, Puddock Road, Warboys, PE28 2UB
07917 832862
Mr S J Green33 Mahaddie Way, PE28 2WE07894 088000
Mrs C Evans191 Station Road, PE28 2TX01487 822650
Mrs C Sproats5 Heath Road, PE28 2TQ01487 500830
Ms L A Gifford28 Popes Lane, Warboys, PE28 2RN07500 445940

Councillors’ Register Of Interests

Clerk to the Council
Roy Reeves2 Blenheim Close, Warboys, Huntingdon, PE28 2XF
01487 823562
To contact the Clerk by email, please visit the contact page.